Jesus Is Better Than the Angels

Jesus Christ, the Eternal Son of God:

  1. Jesus Christ the only begotten Son of God...God became flesh in time and history...the God man and man who was God
  2. A relationship and fellowship between the Father and Son
  3. Angels worship Him
  4. The Son's throne is forever...exists outside of creation---forever
  5. The Son manifests Divine attributes...loved righteousness/hates iniquity
  6. The Son is sovereign over all creation
  7. The Son exalted to the right hand of God expecting His enemies to be made His footstool by the Father

The Angels:

  1. Created as ministering spirits...not given flesh bodies
  2. Not part of the Godhead...not privy to the counsels of God
  3. Angels not to receive worship
  4. No position over creation, as they were created...exists within creation
  5. Angelic realm experienced rebellion and unrighteousness...1/3 fell
  6. Angels are subject to the Son
  7. Angels are just angels, ministering spirits not sharing in the Son's co-redemption

From: A Dispensational Survey of the Epistles to the Hebrews
by Duane Gallentine