Melchisedec's Priesthood


  1. Appears out of another tribe...Moses did not foretell of this priesthood for under the Old Law all priests were to come out of the tribe of Levi. As it were, Christ's priesthood appeared out of nowhere.
  2. A different priesthood than those of abiding priest continually
  3. The King of Righteousness and King of Peace--a priestly King


  1. Appears in Abraham's life from out of nowhere. He is just there, having no pre-announcement nor Scriptural definition nor heritage record.
  2. A different priesthood than those of Levi--no beginning of day or end of life (Numbers 8:23-26)
  3. Melchisedec means King of Righteousness and he was King of Salem

Without getting tied up in the conjecture of men's thinking about Melchisedec it is best to recognize that as far as the record of Scripture goes, Melchisedec shows up ministering to Abraham and then disappears. Also, in verses of the Bible, Melchisedec is without father and mother, having no recorded genealogy. He does not appear as the son of any man which could link him to an office of priesthood. In other words, there is no record of him having a physical lineage that qualifies him as a candidate to hold a priest's office.

The importance that Scripture places on Melchisedec is not upon his person, but upon his type of priesthood. And that is what Hebrews 7 does; it is not speaking about the person of Jesus Christ, for that was covered in chapters 1 and 2, but what is presented in Hebrews 7 is the priesthood of Christ. The order of this new priesthood, whereby Israel can now draw nigh unto God, is perfect as its establishment, is eternal, forever, and abideth continually.

From: A Dispensational Survey of the Epistles to the Hebrews
by Duane Gallentine