Fundamentals Of Dispensationalism
The Four Foundations Of The Book Of Romans
As A Book Of Doctrine In Outline Form

By Doug Dodd
Berean Bible Church

The First Foundation -
"Justification By Faith" Romans 1-5 

  1. Paul's apostleship - 1:1-7. Distinction from the 12. Resurrection according to my gospel. The called. ROM 1:1-7; 2Tim.2:8; 1Cor.15:3,4; 1Cor.9:1-2
  2. Condemnation of human evil. 1:18-20. The first detail of the gospel of grace is the "wrath of God." God gives up mankind to themselves. Satan's lie. 
  3. Condemnation of human good. 2:1-16. God's justice, how it works. The judgments of God. Perfection the standard of righteousness. 
  4. The Jew. 2:17-24. The failure of circumcision and the law. Faith comes from within not from without. 
  5. The Jewish advantage in time past. 3:1-9. No advantage in unbelief. Man's questions and God's righteous answers. 
  6. The condemnation of the law. 3:10-20. The law teaches the Jew and Gentile their guilt before God. 
  7. But Now. 3:21. The dispensational schedule. Eph.2:11,7,13. Different gospels in time past. Climax of God's redemptive purpose revealed. 
  8. From faith to faith. 3:22-24. God's righteousness revealed. Unlimited atonement with limited application by faith.
  9. Redemption - 3:24-25. Our kinsman redeemer. "In Christ" a redemptive term. 
  10. Now His righteousness revealed - 3:25-31. Law of faith; by faith - through faith - we establish the law. 
  11. Justifying faith illustrated - 4:1-8. Faith is not a work, Abraham. David under the law.
  12. Abraham's dual fatherhood - 4:9-17. Our inclusion into the household of God planned by God in the way Abraham was justified, apart from the law. The righteousness of faith is perfection.
  13. Saving faith dissected - 4:18-25. Abraham the example 
  14. The eternal security of the believer - 4:25-5:2. Our receipt in heaven. 
  15. Problems - 5:3-11. God's positive dealings with problems. What God started He is able to finish Phil. 1:6 much more by the atonement! 2Cor.4:14-18 
  16. The second Adam - 5:12-21. Death in one, life in another.

The Second Foundation -
Living Under Grace - Romans 6-8

  1. Grace not a license - 6:1-14. Dead to sin vs. Alive unto God. First question answered in v.12-14.
  2. Grace the motivation - 6:15-23. Second question answered in 16-23.
  3. Dead to the law - 7:1-14. Married to another. The law did its work in the flesh.
  4. Combat - 7:15-25. Operate under grace. Issue of a saved man talking. Flesh vs. Transformed mind. Problem = put off. Solution = put on.
  5. The five laws - 7:23-8:2.
    1. Law of sin v.23
    2. Law of the mind v.23
    3. Law of God v.22
    4. Law of sin and death v.2
    5. Law of the spirit of life in Christ v.2
  6. Condemnation not damnation - 8:1. Leave it in. 
  7. Dead to the flesh - 8:1-13. Victory over sin comes through the spirit of Christ. Carnal mind vs. Spiritual mind. 
  8. Ruling, reigning and suffering with Christ - 8:14-25.
  9. Our helper - 8:26-27. Our divine adjuster & prayer today.
  10. God's purpose in us - 8:28-30. Being conformed to Christ.
    1. Called
    2. Foreknow
    3. Predestinate
    4. Justified
    5. Glorified
  11. More than conquerors - 8:31-39. Present suffering part of our victory program. Victory accomplished. Victory and fruit bearing.

The Third Foundation -
What Happened To Israel? Romans 9-11

  1. What happened to Israel? 9:1-5. The former agency of prophetic election. Paul's sorrow.  
  2. God's election on trial - 9:6-13. His word was not at fault. 
  3. God's fairness on trial - 9:14-18. His righteousness not at fault. Two part answer.  
    1. God's mercy - Moses - 15-16 - God is longsuffering. 
    2. God's purpose - Pharaoh - 17-18 - Purpose before the promise  
  4. Back in the kiln - 9:19-33. The reshaping of Israel. Israel stumbles and the little flock, remnant gets the blessing.  
  5. The righteousness of faith - 10:1-21. The issue is the hearing and the heart.  
  6. Israel's future restoration - 11:1-6. The election will obtain it.  
  7. National blindness - 11:7-14.  
  8. Horticulture - 11:15-25. Branches, roots and wild olive trees.  
  9. But now the Jew is saved as the Gentile - 11:24-36 (Acts 15:11).
    1. All concluded in unbelief 
    2. National salvation promised to Israel in the future 
    3. Israel now saved as the Gentile, by grace through faith 

The Fourth Foundation -
Practical Instructions - Romans 12-16

  1. Our relationship to God in worship - 12:1-3. Transformation living dead men. The measuring stick of faith.
  2. Our proper relationship with one another - 12:4-21. Body truth first revealed. Gift to each other. The issue of gifts diminishing; Rom.12, 1Cor.12, Eph.4.
  3. Our proper relationship with the unsaved - 12:17-21. Gifts to the unsaved. 
  4. Our proper relationship to the government - 13:1-7. Divine rules for the establishment of the human race.
  5. Our proper relationship with society - 13:8-14. 
  6. Our proper relationship with the weaker and stronger brother - 14:1-23.
    1. Edification the standard. 
    2. Personal best; the bema seat.
    3. Conscience of the weaker brother. 
  7. Renewed minds viewpoint - 15:1-7. The rule of edification, have the mind of Christ. OT for admonition. OT illustrations.
  8. Ministry of Christ and the twelve - 15:8-12.
    1. Ministry of Jesus Christ to the circumcision.
    2. Israel the former agency to the gentiles (wall up / wall down).
    3. Salvation of Israel yet future.
  9. Ministry of Paul - 15:8-12.
    1. The present agency the Body of Christ (BOC).
    2. Paul's apostolic authority verified. 
    3. Paul the distributor of the grace of God directly to the Jews and Gentiles. 
    4. Paul's plans & roadmap.
    5. The poor saints at Jerusalem.
  10. The doctrine of separation - 16:1-20.
    1. Churches of Christ, plural and local.
    2. Guard the foundation. 
    3. Mark those who would remove the foundation.
    4. To follow Paul in this age is to follow Christ.
  11. The obedience of faith - 16:21-27.
    1. Sinking your roots in the foundation laid. 
    2. Building a house of doctrine. 1Cor.3:9-12 
    3. Under grace. C.F. Galatians. 
    4. Paul's design of edification.
      1. My gospel.
      2. The preaching of Jesus Christ according to the mystery.
      3. The scriptures of the prophets.