Comparing Israel with the Body of Christ


Body of Christ

  • Gospel of Kingdom
  • Earthly Promises, hopes and blessings
  • Christ is King
  • Physical
  • National Salvation
  • 12 Apostles
  • Under Law
  • Water Baptism
  • Christ's return to earth
  • Gospel of the grace of God
  • Heavenly promises, hopes and blessings
  • Christ is Head
  • Spiritual
  • Individual Salvation
  • 1 Apostle
  • Under Grace
  • Spirit Baptism
  • Christ's meeting in the air

Note the differences between the nation of Israel and the Body of Christ. Most are aware that God is forming the body of Christ today but are unaware that God has interrupted His dealing with the Israel as a nation.

We, as the body of Christ, have a different function in God's plan and purpose and that is not the same as Israel's function.

We need to acknowledge what God has promised to the nation of Israel does not necessarily apply to the Body of Christ.

In one's place of employment, all employees do not have the same job to do; often different tasks are assigned to different people to get a particular job accomplished. It is the same with God's plan and purpose for the heaven and the earth. God is using different people, with different jobs (tasks) to accomplish His will.

Are you doing what you have been instructed to do as a member of the body of Christ or are you trying to do someone else's job?