Godly Edification is God's Way unto Godly Sanctification

Duane Gallentine

Godly Edification is done by faith-1 Tim 1:4; it is not done by works. At the core of being godly edified is to know, understand, appreciate, and apply a beleiver's New Identity in Christ to their faith and practical living. This New Identity is the only way that the Heavenly Father knows and functions with His sons during the present Dispensation of the Grace of God.

To be godly edified is to be built up in Christ via the sound grace doctrines contained in Paul's 13 epistles. Paul teaches that at the moment when a sinner trusts in Christ [Christ died for all their sins], that the trusting person is spiritually/soulishly taken out of Adam with his marks of identification and is placed into this New Identification found in Christ. God now sees us identified in Christ.

IN ADAM, all die

Accursed unto eternal death

  1. Under sin
  2. No perfect righteousness
  3. Hostile towards his Creator God
Abomination before God

  1. Servants of sin
  2. Free from righteousness
  3. Following the world's course
Alienation from God
  1. Gentiles in the Flesh
  2. Belong to Satan
  3. Follow Satan's Plan of Evil


IN CHRIST, all made alive

Justification unto eternal life
  1. Forgiveness of all sin
  2. Imputed righteousness
  3. Permanent reconciliation

Sanctification by the Spirit unto holiness
  1. Dead to sin
  2. Alive unto God
  3. Sons of God
Exaltation into the heavenly places
  1. The One New Heavenly Man
  2. Citizenship in Christ's Heavenly Kingdom
  3. A Heavenly Vocation


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