How Can Godly Edification Be Accomplished?

Duane Gallentine

  1. By the building of a spiritual house of Doctrine learned from your Apostle -- specific doctrines must be placed in specific places in our understanding and life. In this we must heed God's Word through His authority to and of the Nattions, the apostle Paul.
  2. Milk doctrines and Meat doctrines -- from a babe in Christ to a workman soldier enduring hardness; cutting our 'spiritual teeth' in the knowledge of God's Word rightly divided.
  3. The timing of when the 13 Epistles were written -- not all things that Paul did or wrote are now to be followed for some things passed away having ceased, failed, and vanished.
  4. The structure of 2 Timothy 3:16 -- the four-fold function of all Scripture according to 2 Timothy 2:15.
  5. The Structure of Romans 16:25 -- progressive revelation from teh basics of the Gospel of Grace unto the Mystery of Christ; properly ascertaining the function of each epistle.
  6. Knowing how God knows you as a believer -- finding, believing and implementins your new identification in Christ: realizing how rich Grace has made you to be in Christ and living with this life in view.
  7. Six essential Doctrines -- specific non-optional doctrines necessary for a sound, mature faith taking us in practical terms from our salvation by grace unto the catching away of the whole Body before the seven year tribulation.

Marks when Godly edificatin takes place as the apostle Paul taught it there will be...

  • orderliness -- certain spiritual truths need to be understood first before you advance in your knowledge
  • continuity -- smoothness, flow, consistency, growth in understanding; becoming familiar with Romans through Philemon
  • mature faith in thinking forming Christ in you -- His mind in your thoughts -- adulthood thinking regarding your life
  • faith affecting our living -- walk after the Spirit, knowing the issues; living by faith; godliness


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