The Mystery of Israel's Blindness and the Fullness of the Gentiles

by Duane Gallentine

  1. Israel's blindness NOT a MYSTERY---it was prophesied!
  2. In prophecy, Gentile Salvation was only through Israel obeying Jehovah, thus neither is this a Mystery---it was prophesied!


  1. Israel's blindness availing Gentile Salvation is this MYSTERY of Romans 11:25.

This Mystery of Romans 11:25 is the salvation of the Gentiles creating the Body of Christ while Israel is blinded. Not fully and forever is Israel blinded, but partially until that salvation of God going to the Gentiles saves the full compliment of members in Christ's Body. This is why Paul describes what God did to Israel as a partial blindness. Once the salvation of God going to the Gentiles without Israel saves the full complete membership of the church which is Christ's Body, then God will save Israel according to the program of Prophecy, the provision of the New Testament, and the plan of the Last Days of the Day of the Lord.

This MYSTERY of Israel's blindness forms part of GOD's hidden secret in Christ to save the gentiles WITHOUT ISRAEL in earthly Kingdom glory. This Gentile Grace Salvation is not in the prophetic Scriptures.

You will search the Holy Scriptures in vain to find a verse, a chapter, a book that declares what Paul is declaring in this verses and in Romans 9-11. These things are:

  • UNSEARCHABLE--everything from Romans through Philemon
  • God not only being gracious to the nations, but DISPENSING GRACE SALVATION is UNSEARCHABLE
  • The Riches of GRACE that believing Gentiles now possess are UNSEARCHABLE in the Prophetic Program--(read the epistle to the Ephesians and identify for yourself the five catagories of the riches of God's Grace to the Gentiles)

But, every critic, every religionists who ever spoke against studying God's word rightly divided between 53 books of Prophecy and 13 books of Mystery penned by Paul...every single one of them to this very hour have failed to produce one verses to show the salvation of God going to the gentiles without Israel. They simply have not faith in the verses!!


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