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Duane Gallentine

What Is God Doing In the Heavenly Places
It was given to Paul, the Apostle of the Gentiles, to explain to the nations during the dispensation of the Grace of God that He has a plan and purpose for the Heavenly Places.
What Are The Heavenly Places? Lesson 1   listen now download to your computer
Who Is Controlling the Heavenly Places? Lesson 2   listen now download to your computer
Reclaiming the Heavenly Places Lesson 3   listen now download to your computer
The Body Of Christ, Home At Last Lesson 4   listen now download to your computer

Duane's Contact Information
Duane Gallentine:
1766 100th Ave
Dresser, WI 54009
Phone (715) 755-2523
Email: Duane
Grace Berean Fellowship
419 Fourth St.
Centuria, WI 54824
Meets Sunday mornings: 10:30

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